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A Reality Check September 3, 2021

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I still get push-back when challenging the popular eschatological narrative: that a seven-year tribulation period is coming, that the Jews will build a Temple and resume animal sacrifices with God’s approval, that there will be a seven-year peace treaty, that God will seal 144,000 Jewish evangelists who will win countless souls to Christ during this “tribulation period,” and so forth. It pains me to repeat this foolishness. People who make this stuff up have made the eschaton into a comic book and have done a HUGE disservice to the body of Christ.

Today’s little rant won’t start with Revelation, but rather at the other end of the Bible’s chronology. Many scholars believe the oldest book in the Bible is the book of Job. Most of us are (hopefully) aware of it. Job was a fabulously rich man who lived in the middle east at about the time of Abraham. Satan accused God of buying Job’s obedience, and the Lord permitted Satan’s proposed tests:

And the Lord said to Satan, “Behold, all that he has is in your power; only do not lay a hand on his person.”

And the Lord said to Satan, “Behold, he is in your hand, but spare his life.”

Job 1:12, 2:6 NKJV

Job was on the receiving end of Satan’s limited wrath for maybe a year or two. Satan’s attacks against Job had Divine constraints. Job held up well when his wealth was taken, but his misery was so unrelenting when he himself was in Satan’s hand that he despaired of life and cursed the day of his birth.

THIS is Satan – the creature we read about in Revelation 13, who is about to receive unrestrained authority over every tribe, tongue and nation on the planet for 42 months:

And he was given a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies, and he was given authority to continue for forty-two months … And authority was given him over every tribe, tongue, and nation.

Revelation 13:5, 7 NKJV

God is about to give Satan legitimate authority over every person on the planet, without restraint. Satan and his minions will be free to do whatever they wish, to anyone they choose. While it appears that they won’t have spiritual access to anyone, but will be limited to our three-dimensional world, this may not be much of a hindrance. Satan will own every person and everything on the planet, as well as the technology and resources to exercise control as he desires.

This is the Dragon, the one who hates God and hates men made in His image. This is the devil who comes in great wrath, because he knows his time is short (Rev. 12:12). He comes to steal, kill and destroy with a vengeance. With that in mind, are you really getting good counsel when someone tells you to get silver coins and a bug-out location off the grid someplace? Can you really expect that your water filter and plastic tubs of dried food will matter? DON’T YOU GET IT??

Do you really think that this spiritual miscreant and his buddies are going to “make nice” for a few years before they start hammering this planet? Does it even make sense that he would wait or, for three years, pretend he likes the Jews and wants them to worship God in Jerusalem? And then, according to the popular narrative, he ceases his charade and shows his true colors, and suddenly the Jews “get it” and flee Jerusalem, just before “great tribulation.” Again, does this really make any logical sense?

The seminaries, the pulpits, the schools, the news media, the entertainment industry, the medical establishment, the military, our political and governmental institutions – ALL have been co-opted by those with an agenda of planetary destruction. Do you really think you can hide from them for three years? Or even three months? He who seeks to save his life WILL lose it.

It really surprises me that so many Christians still don’t see what’s coming. We are on the threshold of the wrath of God being poured out on everything that God hates, and most folks appear oblivious. Popular fiction suggests that during the so-called “tribulation period” men will have the means to resist; that things will be unpleasant but survivable for the first 3 1/2 years, and THEN things get really bad. Sadly, popular eschatology supports much of this, with the totally unbiblical model that there will be “tribulation” for the first half, but God’s wrath does not appear until after “The Antichrist” desecrates a legitimate and God-honoring Jewish Temple after 3 1/2 years. In other words: there’s still time. Time to pray, time to study, time to make Jesus the only priority in my life.

But there isn’t. The rapture will happen, and every left-behind Christian will be quickly and aggressively hunted down and killed. Those in the Thyatiran great tribulation (Rev. 2:22) will either recant their faith or die. I believe the “table has been set” for the Four Horsemen. The agenda of the God-haters is in plain sight: GLOBAL GENOCIDE. I don’t know why God has graciously opened the eyes of some while the vast majority slumber on, but may I just urge you to read the scriptures for yourself. The Christians who are “spewed out” are lukewarm. The Christians left for “great tribulation” are those with immorality and idolatry in their lives. How much immorality and idolatry does it take to miss the rapture? Do you really want to find out?

We have a promise from Jesus Christ: if you keep His command to persevere, then He will keep you from the hour of trial which shall come upon the whole world, to test those who dwell on the earth. Abide in Him – remain in Him – trust in Him so that His indwelling Spirit will transform you. Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that your life demonstrates God’s good, acceptable and perfect will.


1. Sheila Baker - September 3, 2021

Well dear Steve, why don’t you say what is really on your heart, ha!
The true believers are in full agreement with your viewpoint. Too bad there are so few. Maybe that is presumptuous of me but that is how I see it. In my own very small circle of influence and community I can only count on one hand those that I personally know who are fully pursuing our GOD in heaven, and I’ve lived in this area for over 65 years (way older than that though). If that’s the case in each saints experience then it shows how few there are, unless the Most High is intentionally keeping them (His body) hidden away. Perhaps our Redeemer is sifting the body for those who are truly ready and watching. I’ll sign off with your old admonition, “be ready, be ready”. Love in Christ to you and yours.


2. arnoldfishman - September 4, 2021

Good words Steve. Thank you for writing this warning. The level of darkness and deception of evil intersecting into daily life seems to be increasing. I see some pushback which is great but the tsunami of evil policies seems to not diminish and are not deterred. Some countries in the west (countries founded upon the Protestant Reformation) their governments and public companies are showing open disdain for the personal freedoms and liberties that they were founded. It makes me shake my head and wonder what is coming next. It seems like global collectivist communism working with Islam will provide fertile ground for Satans agenda to be fully embodied. Do the Lord’s work while we still can.


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4. photojaq - September 20, 2021

Reblogged this on Morning Meditations.


5. stevekerp - October 5, 2021

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