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Welcome to Afterthoughts. The Anakypto Forum is a BlogTalkRadio program focused on preparation for the return of Jesus Christ through repentance, restitution and reconciliation. This blog is intended to supplement the program by publishing oversights, clarifications afterthoughts and listener feedback.

The temporary hiatus is about over and I hope to be back to podcasting in the very near future. My current series of blog postings is intended as a ramp-up to the anticipated program.

Our ultimate objective is honoring Jesus Christ when He returns, by becoming the bride that He deserves.


1. David Jones - February 27, 2011

Thank you very much for your ongoing efforts to provide the show.
It has become an absolute necessity six days a week
for me to visit 5 Doves and to listen to your program rebroadcast.

David A. Jones
Camas, Washington


2. Mariel - May 16, 2014

How to subscribe to Anakypto Afterthoughts, or is that no longer functional?


3. gilbert - March 26, 2015

its a good show , great on youtube.
my problem is palestine, its a disgusting word and the greatest hoax.
its amazing how the pope is visiting the usa on yom kippur
its hard when the world is so full of lies and world leaders do nothing about fakestine.
the show is always good, great links
i like hummingbird027 and denoon
the time is going to be tough on jews, anyway keep up good work


4. fg - May 11, 2015

good to see the ankypto on youtube


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