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Beat Any Traffic Ticket January 4, 2018

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Traffic tickets – what a bummer! You’re cruising along, minding your own business and not hurting anyone, when suddenly the blue lights come on and you’re on the hook for $50 … or maybe more …. because some cop stopped you while lots of people going even faster got away scot-free.

Now you can use a legal theory – embraced by MILLIONS of intelligent people – to “educate” the judge in traffic court and hopefully keep YOUR MONEY.

Interested? Read on ….

If you are brought into court after being given a ticket for speeding, you can simply tell the judge about all the times you didn’t speed, and under the legal doctrine of Praeponderat Bono Malum he must let you go. Praeponderat bono malum is Latin for “good outweighs evil.” Your good deeds outnumber your bad deeds. There have been many, many more times that you drove at or under the speed limit. You have been more good than evil. You are basically a “good person.” The judge would be UNJUST if he were to convict you.

This defense will work equally well for any crime. Murder someone and then tell the judge and jury about all the people you haven’t murdered. Steal something and list all the things you didn’t steal. Lie under oath (commit perjury) and then tell the judge all the times you told the honest truth. The judge would lack the expected temperament for his position, one would hope, if he were harsh or unmindful of the fact that — after all — “we’re only human.”

As you may suspect, this sort of “defense” does not work at all! No law school teaches it, and no judge would accept it. But what is really crazy is that a lot of sane and reasonable people are betting their eternity on this doctrine. You probably know a few of them: “I expect to go to heaven because God is fair and I’m a ‘good person.’ My good deeds outweigh my bad deeds. God won’t send me to hell.” This Kool-Aid® has lots of flavors, but they are all basically the same.

When you stand before God, it won’t be for traffic tickets, and your money won’t be at risk. He will examine every detail of your life in the light of His perfect moral law, and for every one of us, there is only one verdict: GUILTY. There is only one punishment: eternal separation from God, and from every good thing that is sourced in Him. There is only one escape: a perfectly innocent substitute who is willing to serve your sentence for you.

This is NOT religion. No religion can save you. No memberships, “good deeds,” intentions, institutionalized rituals, incantations, ceremonies, incense, indulgences, votive candles, monetary offerings, repetitive prayers to specific persons declared as “saints” or even to the one who some refer to as the “queen of heaven” can save you. NONE of these can protect you from God’s wrath against YOUR sins. My friend, you need a specific savior.

God has provided one. Just one, but that’s all you need.

If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. Romans 10:9

Head knowledge gets you through a written test, but it’s heart knowledge that transforms a life and changes an eternal destination. Believing thing about Jesus is not the same as believing IN Him. Has your life been transformed? Do you have saving faith? If not, what are you going to do about it? And what are you waiting for?

Trip To Truth


1. cindybythesea - January 4, 2018

Great writing Steve … pleased to repost it on my FB page


2. William E. Males - January 5, 2018

I agree with Sister Cindy and shared it too.

Stay blessable, on fire, and unburnable. Live for the King my friend!


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