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Be Still August 15, 2016

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For those of you who may have followed either this blog or the podcast, you know that I make no claim to special revelation, hearing audible “voices”, angelic visitations or visions. However, as every true believer knows, there is the “still, small voice” of the Spirit of God within each of us, Who will prompt us and guide us if we will simply be quiet before Him …. and listen.

That, I’m convinced, is what He is telling me to do. “Stop talking.”

I’ve said many times, and sense deeply, that American-style Christianity has put knowledge above action. While I believe that most of my podcast audience is the exception to that general condition, the fact is that I’ve said all I really have to say. No one reading these words will be able to say they didn’t know what the Lord told them to do. If they did not do it, it was not a knowledge problem; it was something else.

Paul said, “Those things, which ye have both learned, and received, and heard, and seen in me, do: and the God of peace shall be with you.” (Philippians 4:9) Paul was a living example of the things he taught. We must each be likewise.

Clearly, you can’t “see” my manner of life through the two-dimensional lens of cyberspace. I could be someone who talks a great game but never performs. And truth be told, podcasting takes up a LOT of time that could be spent in performance. It also puts a filter in place. Virtually everything I would see, hear, read or experience would be considered for its value as content for the next program. Instead of thinking, “what might God be showing me?” I would instead usually think, “How can I use this on the program?

Seven years was, I believe, what God wanted me to accomplish. All the old programs are still in iTunes – at least, they were still there last time I looked. Adam does the daily news and Karen does the news menu, so there’s enough “current events” to keep us informed … or distracted as the case may be.

My final appeal is to make the main thing – Glorifying Jesus Christ and seeing His hand in all His works – the main thing. As we press on to the finish line (which I believe may be very close to the “sign in the heavens” we expect in September of 2017), Satan and the sinister spiritual forces arrayed against us would like nothing better than to keep us distracted, inactive, and ineffective.

NOW IS OUR TIME! I think we should be anticipating one more time “around the block” and we should thank God for it! Please! PLEASE!! – Purpose in your heart to have an impact for Christ every day, and then take action.

It’s been suggested that I be available for one-on-one mentoring or life-coaching, and I’m amenable to that. If you need to talk and you need someone to listen, I’ll make the time – email, phone call, or stop by for coffee. But I will lovingly warn you on the front end that if there is something God has told you to do and you haven’t done it or aren’t doing it, my “coaching” won’t be much help … or much fun.

On the other hand, if you are invested in Christ and everyone around you is lukewarm at best, or hostile at worst, I will be honored to encourage you and remind you that who you are and what you are doing matters to God, and that you will not lose your reward.

I will probably put links to stories or devotionals on the web page regularly. But unless the Lord clearly says otherwise, I will not be continuing the podcast. As the Lord leads, I hope to continue Anakypto Afterthoughts.



1. William E. Males - August 15, 2016

Brother Steve, thanks for your obedience to God, to love Him and others. Please know I have always appreciated you more than your ministry, because it was always evident it was seasoned properly with His love and grace abounding in and through you. Can’t wait to meet you in person and in glory. Godspeed my friend.
Brother William

PS – Thanks for all the smiles which your humor and wit brought to my face…


stevekerp - August 15, 2016

Dear William – thanks so much for the kind comment. I also look forward to meeting you face-to-face in the clouds.

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2. Kathy B - August 15, 2016

We will miss your podcasts. We will miss YOU! Thank you for your encouragement and God bless you mightily as you take on a new direction! Yours in Christ, Terry and Kathy

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3. Jasper Dale - August 16, 2016

Thanks so much for all your years doing the podcast. You have no idea how many believers were “pushed” into doing something of eternal value because of the things you shared.

May the Lord Jesus bless you and your family as we wait for the trumpet blast.

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4. James - August 16, 2016

If the Lord tells you to be still and be quiet, so be it! You have been a good steward of your talents and knowledge and I know I am a better Kingdom citizen because of your faithfulness. There have been many others who have also been told to be quiet in these times. I believe that we should be listening more to His Spirit and dig into His Word in order to find His words and strength in these darkening days. Jesus Reigns!


5. Sabine Vlaming - August 17, 2016

Dear Steve, much love and appreciation for your thought and action provoking labour in the Lord’s field. You even prompted me to get baptized at the time against many odds and have proven to live out your faith to the utmost.

Thank you for provoking us unto love and good works all these years. You have been a rock steady, gentle voice speaking into my life for a long time.

In a similar manner like you describe being guided, the Lord has closed several of my past venues recently as well, although I do not think we’ll be going around the block another time. I have blessed hope and faith He will come very soon for his ready, sanctified, purified and adorned Bride. Synching with you decision, I believe she’s called to retreat herself right now….hide, as it were, for a little while in her inner chambres devoting herself to her beloved in the utmost intimacy while to the outside world she continues to shine brightly.

She’s diligently serving, while remaining watchful ….. on the look out …. awaiting His (very) soon coming for her to redeem her, while – from the solitude springing intimacy with her Beloved – serving Him even more diligently extending his grace, mercy, love and truth to the world for a little while.

Be still and know is a wonderful path to follow …. pure faith enacted.

Anakypto, Steve!

Much love, Sabine

BTW. Do you take milk or sugar in your coffee on the mezzanine? I’d like to fetch you a nice cup REAL soon.


6. Professor Dr. Al - August 17, 2016

Dear Steve, When I’m off on international mission fields for large portions of each year (between my doctor’s visits here in the US), your broadcasts have been an encouraging companion, especially when I have been out on the streets witnessing in places where there are no other born again believers in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I understand your obedience to the Lord’s re-direction of your time. I’m hoping we can have an Anakypto listeners party in heaven some day soon! Grace and Peace through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Dr. Al

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