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I’m Guilty! June 16, 2016

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I want to be clear about this from the beginning. I am not, nor do I claim to be, “holier-than-thou.” There’s a moral code we all seem to share, and I’ve violated it at every point. Knowledge of this code transcends culture, age, location and upbringing. Where this code came from is a separate issue. Suffice to say, we all seem to know from the beginning that lying, stealing, murder, fornication and the rest are all “wrong” in some objective and absolute sense, and that we should not engage in them.

But I have. Many times. And I daresay, so have you. So the question is not “am I guilty” because we ALL are. The real question is, “Where can I find forgiveness?”

Not only am I not “holier-than-thou,” but I’ll also concede that I am probably not “smarter-than-thou” either. You may have figured out faster than I did that lying, stealing, fornicating, dishonoring parents and all the rest are self-destructive behaviors. No one is better off, nor is the culture they live in, when these moral violations are indulged. Perhaps you have heard the saying, “we don’t break the commandments as much as we break ourselves upon them.” By ignoring or violating the moral code that seems to be hard-wired into our humanity, we harm ourselves and everyone around us.

And we feel guilty. This is not a bad thing. There’s nothing strange about feeling guilty if you are, in fact, guilty. The question then becomes, “what do I do with my guilt?”

To this question there is only once answer: Jesus Christ. He, and only He, is the provision for reconciliation with the One Whose moral law we have all violated. In Christ, God has offered us complete forgiveness. We can be saved.

How to transition from condemned sinner to forgiven child of God is neither difficult nor complicated. It’s really simple: repentance toward God and faith in Jesus Christ. All that’s required is an honest and willing heart.

You are a sinner, just like me.

You need a Savior, just like me.

God has provided a way. There is only one way, but we only need one.

1) REPENT. Change the way you live. Demonstrate to God and all you have wronged that you are truly sorry for your wickedness. Make restitution as appropriate, offer apologies, and abandon your sinful ways.

2) PUT YOUR FAITH IN CHRIST – totally trust Him to make you righteous before God. Repentance does not save; it simply demonstrates that you are serious about wanting to be saved. Salvation is in Christ alone – it is His perfect righteousness imputed to you, and NOT your imperfect “righteousness” of a sanitized life, that will effect your reconciliation with your Creator.

You can know that you have passed from death to life. Primarily, you will love Jesus Christ enough to obey Him. Second, you will desire to read the Bible. Also, you will love other Christians. Finally, you will start to hate sin and desire to put it completely out of your life. You will discover that God will have given you His Holy Spirit to enable you to do so, and to live a life that is pleasing to Him.

By the way, I’m no longer guilty. In Christ, the Judge had declared me “not guilty.” My sins – ALL of them – have been purged. Jesus has provided a perfect atonement. His death, burial, and resurrection paid for my sins and demonstrated that His payment on my behalf was sufficient. In Christ I’m free.

This is bare-bones basic Christianity. For more information, take the Trip To Truth. If this post makes sense to you, please share the link with others. Time is truly short.

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