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Unfinished Business March 7, 2016

Posted by stevekerp in End Times.
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At about this time every year, the eschatosphere lights up with discussion of the possibility of the rapture happening during the Passover season. Usually, the events of Jesus’ last week are reviewed and the conclusion is that the spring feasts were fulfilled in the death, burial and resurrection of Christ, and the fall feasts will be fulfilled when He returns.

In other words, Jesus was our Passover Lamb, His 3-day entombment fulfilled Unleavened Bread, and His subsequent resurrection certified Him as the Firstfruits of those who will enjoy eternal life.

If we see the first Passover in Egypt as a type, we would expect to see all the major details fulfilled in the anti-type. However, one of the major elements of the first Passover is missing. So I thought a review of Exodus chapter 12 might be in order.

In 12:3 we see the command for every man to take a lamb for himself and his household on the tenth day of the first month. At twilight (which is the period of decreasing light that follows the setting of the sun) on the 14th day, the lamb was to be killed and its blood applied to the lintel and the two doorposts (v. 7). This had to be accomplished on the eve of Passover, because the Lord (accompanied by “the destroyer” in verse 23) would come through the land at midnight (v. 29) and either “pass over” or strike the firstborn, depending on whether or not the blood was applied.

To understand the horror of this judgment, you might pause at this point and imagine what your life would be like tomorrow if all the firstborns in your family died tonight. I would lose my eldest brother, a nephew, four nieces, my daughter, my wife, two grand-daughters, and in-laws too numerous to mention.

To summarize, we see in the Passover a series of three critical elements: 1) the selection and death of the lamb, 2) the application of the blood for protection, and 3) the Lord passing over the protected homes and killing the firstborn in the rest. If we fast-forward about 1,400 years to the time of Christ, we see the death of the Lamb of God, but nothing at that time that really maps to the application of the Blood. More significantly, we see nothing that in any way fulfills the “passing over” of the Lord in mercy for some, or the death of any others.

I would submit that the entire “church age” from then until now has included an appeal to apply the Blood as the only protection from the wrath that is certain. Prophetically, and in fulfillment of the Passover type, the visit of the destroyer is yet future.

Obviously, we don’t expect that when Jesus returns that He will be killed again. But while the Head was killed 2,000 years ago, Romans 8:36 indicates that the death of His Body is an ongoing process, and we might anticipate that the process will end on a future Passover. It would certainly be consistent with the prophetic pattern to have a fierce, world-wide judgment occur on Passover with the true Believers protected, a few days for the world to try to recover, and then a rapture and resurrection event on First Fruits. It would also be plausible for such a world-wide catastrophe to take place any time, in view of current events and political and economic realities.

In the meantime, our efforts as ambassadors for the Kingdom of Christ should continue, as we urge our fellow-pilgrims to be reconciled to God through the only reconciliation that is available: the blood of Jesus Christ. I’m not setting a date, but like many of you, I believe the time of His coming is drawing very near. Please! Don’t be deceived and don’t be distracted.

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