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What Will It Take? March 24, 2015

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This is intended to be a participatory blog posting.

Currently, Israel is experiencing regular terrorist attacks, threats and the rest from Hamas in the Gaza region, Hezbollah in the north, as well as ISIS. We read in Ezekiel 38:11 that when Magog and its allies move against Israel that the Jews are “…a peaceful people, who dwell safely, all of them dwelling without walls, and having neither bars nor gates …”

Please post your comment below in response to the question, “What needs to happen or what will it take to bring the nation of Israel from its current state of strife and tension to the ‘peace and safety’ it will be enjoying when the Magog alliance attacks?”



1. Joe - March 24, 2015

Psalm 83 war and the destruction of Damascus. The period of “peace” will probably be short-lived. A year at the most. With the surrounding Arab states destroyed or majorly decimated and Iran still around but more than likely humiliated Israel will live in “peace” for a short time before Gog/Magog erupts.


2. meeellodee2012 - March 25, 2015

Joel Joseph said it best.

Israel’s survival is threatened. Not because Netanyahu says so, but because God says so! There are many big issues involved that will see the loss of many lives. Shall we say 4 billion are about to die? Well that’s just outrageous isn’t it?

Actually about 4.2 billion will die in the tribulation period if you do the arithmetic (which I have done.)

1 Chronicles 12:32 (Context- David’s helpers in times of war):“Of Issachar, men who have understanding (Lit= to have insight) of the times, to know what Israel ought to do, 200 chiefs, and all their kinsmen were under their command.”

Issachar was the ninth son of Jacob. The name Issachar means “He will bring a reward.” These selected men within the tribe of Issachar had knowledge of astronomy and celestial cycles. They knew when the Feasts of the Lord were to be kept, their meanings and they knew all about times and seasons and the calendar. The sons of Issachar had knowledge of things past, present and future relating to Israel.

I went into the above verse in more detail in edition 221. This is the focus now for Israel. Time is fast drawing to a close and the devil knows his time is almost up.

It won’t be long before the Middle East is in flames. The focus will soon shift from Arab on Arab conflict to the ancient Arab / Israeli conflict, while at the same time Russia will be drawn in and the new enemy of Israel, Obama. (Note I said Obama and not the USA. I’m pretty sure given the chance, more than half the US will stand with Israel.)

One of the “unintended consequences” of the recent Israeli election was that it unified and brought in many American Jews in support of Israel as well as Jews and those who stand with them from all over the world.

The new Netanyahu:

I was not surprised to see Netanyahu back in the driver’s seat after the election, but I was amazed at his turn around on a few issues. In so many editions I have been saying that Israel can choose to go God’s way or not. Now, out of the blue, Netanyahu says that under his watch there will be no Palestinian state, whereas he was in favour of it before.

Since then he has backtracked on this, or has he?

Netanyahu hasn’t really backtracked on the two-state solution. He is claiming now that he could accept a demilitarised Palestinian state. He says he will not endanger the Israeli state. He claims the goal posts have changed and this has led to his new hard-line stance.

But let me tell you Mr. Netanyahu, any sort of Palestinian state is against God’s word and will bring judgement and war.

We know he has a hard line on Iran’s nuclear aspirations, so nothing new there. He has vowed to continue with building activities in the so-called “occupied territories”. Please see the previous edition for much more on who is “occupying” whom and what the “territories” really are!

It seems that the new Netanyahu has decided to align himself more with God’s word on many issues than before, but the key issue of dividing Israel and the city of Jerusalem are still hovering around like the sword of Damocles.

If Israel abandons the two-state solution, it will bring the wrath of the world upon Israel. If Israel goes ahead with it, it will bring the wrath of God on Israel and the world.

The world’s agenda:

The world has an agenda. It was born in hell and seeks to oppose all that is of God as revealed in His word. The world system has a god behind it…Satan himself. It has a mouthpiece and a huge welcoming mat.

The mouthpiece is of course the world’s mass media, with Satan camouflaged in the dress of its chief editors, reporters and celebrities.

The agenda of the world against God is so deeply entrenched in the devils plans that when the pressure is on the media kingpins will become supernaturally charged with evil.

I have already heard the likes of CNN senior presenters condemning with absolute viciousness those that stand against homosexuality, because God does.

You see, they scream the odds in favour of human rights, but do not allow us the rights to our view that God is supreme and He is right!

Now as we come to Israel, Jerusalem and the Jewish people and God’s plan for them, we run headlong into conflict with the mass-media, who have decided that Satan is right and God is wrong.

The two – state solution has become sacrosanct and the worlds accepted norm.

God’s will, Satan’s will:

IsraelFlag med

The world famous image above shows the headline in May 1948 as Israel became an official nation, proclaimed by the League of Nations, the organisation that became the United Nations. Note the name of the newspaper. The Palestine Post was not a Palestinian newspaper but a Jewish newspaper as it is today.

In those days Palestine was the Jewish homeland.

Shortly after this the paper changed its name to the Jerusalem Post.

Amongst the massive deceptions and lies that the world now believes thanks to the chief liars, the mass-media, are the following:

● Israel claimed and took over land belonging to the Palestinians.

●Israel is now the occupying force.

●Israel has no right to build settlements in the territories.

●Israel can achieve peace by trading land for peace.

God’s will for Israel, Jerusalem and the Jews is revealed in multiple places in the Bible. Satan’s word for Israel, Jerusalem and the Jews is revealed in the mass-media. Guess which one will endure to final victory?

God’s word declares that He will regather the Jews from all over the world and bring them back to the land. He will bring them back in their spiritual blindness and then lift that veil. He will bring them back in tumultuous times with many enemies trying to destroy them.

When back in the land, with Jerusalem as their undivided capital, Israel will suffer greatly in wars and conflict. At this time our Lord will open their spiritual eyes and they will see who their real Jewish Messiah is.

God will use the Jews to bring salvation to the world in the final stretch of current world history, the tribulation period.

●In terms of historical fact, Jerusalem has been a Jewish holy city since the days of King David 3000 years ago.

Satan’s will is for a two-state solution, giving a people who don’t exist as a nation a state within the borders of Israel. Satan’s plan for these people who are all Muslims, is to establish the religion of Islam throughout Israel.

Satan’s plan is for the Muslims to kill the Jews, preventing them from coming to salvation and becoming the world’s new evangelists.

Satan’s plan is to turn the world against the Jews and God’s plans for them.

Isaiah 14:24-27 “The Lord of hosts has sworn saying, surely I have thought, so it shall come to pass, as I have purposed so shall it stand…This is the purpose that is purposed against the whole earth and this is the hand that is stretched out over all nations. For the Lord of hosts has purposes and who will annul it? His hand is stretched out and who will turn it back?”

The next section of this verse is headed “Philistia destroyed”. Philistia is the Biblical territory of Gaza and surrounds. The word ‘Palestinian’ is derived from the word ‘Pleshet’, literally meaning “Invader or intruder.” A derivative form is “Palaistes” meaning “wrestler.” In Hebrew the word is ‘Plishtim’ meaning ‘occupier.’ So, who are the invaders, the intruders, the wrestlers, the occupiers? You guessed right.

This video clip entitled “The myth called the Palestinian people” is excellent. You can find it HERE.

The great danger of democracy:

With almost every westerner, democracy is their god. Challenge them on it and you’ll soon find out. CNN says, “The two-state solution is what the world wants and has decided.” So, because it’s now the democratic will of the masses, that makes it right?

Do you know how to hijack and destroy democracy? It’s easy; all you need to do is remove the absolutes of God’s word from society and cast it down in the street – right under the bus. Then all you need to do is repeatedly espouse a new world where everything becomes subject to the opinions of masses and the media.


“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it often enough, it will be believed.”

“How fortunate it is for leaders that the masses do not think.”

“A real leader is one who can move the masses.”

“The victor will never be asked if he told the truth.”

What must Israel do and what must you do?

Quite simply Israel must obey God’s word and make no land for peace deals.

Will you blindly follow the masses because their evil mouthpiece, the media, tells you what you must think? I’ve said a million times and will continue saying it; Satan’s desire is control and he operates through manipulation, intimidation and domination.

Satan wants you to believe his lie that he is God, whereas he is only a fallen angel cast out of heaven. He wants you to believe that his way is the best and most reasonable. He wants you to follow the crowd like a stupid, blind, dumb puppet. Do you think that’s all too dramatic? You fool! The entire world has followed Satan led by the media into the hell of error about Israel.

The whole world including many of you reading this right now believe the lie of the devil that the Palestinian people exist, were overthrown by Jews and now require a state before peace comes along.

The biggest LIE in the world:

The state of Palestine was in existence from 1920 to 1945, but it was a Jewish state even way back then. Palestine in those years was synonymous with the Jewish Holy Land or homeland of Israel. It was under British mandate, but jointly managed with the Jewish people.

There was no PLO, PA, Hamas, or any official Palestinian state-in-waiting. There never was a Palestinian state headed by Palestinians. There most certainly was a Jewish state in waiting as a result of Allenby’s actions in 1917.

So, the so-called Palestinian state that the Jews supposedly took over never existed. It was just a name that briefly existed for Jewish territory and was then changed to Israel at independence.

Here is perhaps one of the biggest shocks for the Palestinians, Obama, Europe and let’s just say the whole world. Before Israel’s independence they had a flag. It was called the Palestine flag. Here it is:


The so-called Palestinian state of Palestine never existed! The presentation that it did is today perhaps the biggest LIE in the world and is perpetuated by the biggest liars in the world – the mass media.

This giant lie will lead to and see the deaths of millions of people in the days ahead.

►My friends, truth is your friend…your eternal friend – embrace it, fall in love with it, accept it; not only will it set you free, but it will open your eyes to great wonders previously incomprehensible.

There was never a Palestinian people with their own homeland, culture, language. Archaeology can’t identify them. They have never had a currency or coinage. The Palestinians are a manufactured people originating from the Arab people, culture and language. A previous Palestinian state full of Palestinians is nowhere in the Bible. In fact the Bible proves that the land of Israel is the heritage of the Jews from the eternal God.

Ezekiel 11:17 “Thus says the Lord God: ‘I will gather you from the peoples, assemble you from the countries where you have scattered, and I will give you the land of Israel.”

The true state of Palestine was, is and will be the Jewish, Zionist, Israel!

The Palestinians are Arab peoples originating from Jordan, Egypt and some from Crete and other places.

What is the point of all of this? Satan has and is using this entire issue to come against God’s truth, replace it with error, prove God a liar and destroy Israel in the process. The ultimate goal of Satan is to prevent the Jews from coming to salvation as the Bible says they will, so prolonging his own time.

No my friends God is not the liar, the world’s mass media is. In fact they are currently presenting the world with the world’s biggest lie ever and will cost untold millions of people their lives and eternal state. Please don’t be one of them.

By the way another interesting thing happened in 1939. Hitler was nominated by the world for the world’s Peace Prize called Nobel!

The Obama deception:

The Levant:

The Levant 3

What’s in a name you ask?

Of course it’s not just Obama who refers to ISIS as ISIL. Most political leaders do. Surprisingly many so-called gospel ministers do as well. The meaning of the name of the Islamic terror group ISIS is “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” This is the area of their operations and the area in which they are setting up there caliphate or Islamic state.

The name ISIL uses the word “Levant” for “L”. The map above (in red) shows exactly what or where “Levant” is. Note that it includes Israel.

Those who use the word ISIL are proclaiming that Israel is part of the Islamic caliphate and will end up as part of their land of domination. In fact they are proclaiming death to Israel and especially death to Zionist, Jewish Israel.

This is no small deal; it is a big deal! This is just how many of these things start.

Let me inform you that Christians using this name are knowingly or unknowingly speaking the word of the devil. They are proclaiming a form a Replacement Theology. Politicians are already under the spell of the devil – so it’s par for the course for them to use the word. But we see through them all to the devil’s plans.

Obama wears a ring on his finger. It is Islamic and essentially declares that Allah is God!

Here it is:


The thirteenth Prime Minister:

Since the election, the UN has told Israel it expects them to “create the environment for a final peace agreement and to continue giving up land for the Palestinian state”. The spokesman said he expected Israel to end the occupation paving the way for a viable Palestinian state – Farhan Haq UN General Secretary Deputy 19th March.

So now with this election just passed we have the thirteenth Prime Minister of Israel about to be installed. In terms of numbers in scripture, thirteen is the number of rebellion against God. In Genesis 10:9 Nimrod is described as a mighty hunter, who was “before the Lord.” This literally means that he tried to take the place of God. He was the thirteenth in Ham’s line.

According to the excellent work by EW Bullinger, thirteen represents all the governments created by men and inspired by Satan in outright rebellion against God. You can see source material on this HERE.

At this stage it’s too early to know just what Netanyahu will do, but this is not a good omen for his new term.

Concessions to the world and appeasement of the world’s demands will see Israel fall out of favour with God. Israel will go into “captivity” again and a second Holocaust will come its way.

Mr. Netanyahu, do not lead Israel anywhere near a two-state solution! Do not capitulate with concessions!

Abbas has already declared that a two-state solution is impossible with Netanyahu at the helm. Good, let it be so!

All the nations of the world with a few exceptions and all the world’s mass-media with no exceptions are in favour of the two-state solution.

flags media

Israel, please understand that God wants you to fulfil his will and bring blessing to you. Understand that Satan wants to destroy you as he always has. The mass media are not your friends – they are your eternal great enemies. The nations of the world have been fed all the lies about Palestine and the Palestinians. They are friends of the antichrist.

Israel it is your time now. You must stand alone, ignoring the mass media and the voice of the nations. You must align yourselves with the word of your Jewish Messiah.

But know this Israel; as you stand alone, you stand with God and the multitudes of pro-Israel Christians Zionists, many of whom would give their lives for you.

There are so many things of a prophetic nature dovetailing together now; it is no coincidence. Israel this is your time, it is your time to shine. This time is like no other!

The great dovetail:

Some of the signs of the times dovetailing right now and culminating this year include: The blood moon tetrad and solar eclipse. The first Shemitah year of this cycle ends on Elul 29 (September 13th 2015). The war in Syria refuses to cease anticipating the great Isaiah 17 war in which Damascus is completely destroyed. Russia is preparing to push further into Eastern Europe sowing the seeds for WW111 prophesied in Ezekiel 38&39. Islam marches forward under the banner of ISIS. The Psalm 83 war is on the horizon. Iran will soon be within reach of nuclear weapons. Anti-Semitism is arising at an alarming rate worldwide. The chorus of anti-Israel media bias is consolidating under the auspices of Satan.

Israel, you were in Babylonian captivity for seventy years because of your rebellion against God, then you were set free. It is now seventy years since the Holocaust and you are about to become truly free.

Mandela’s view on Israel:

Because he was seen as a saint by the world, everyone thinks that what he said was “gospel”! It was the gospel of Satan. Although he did endorse the rights of Israel to exist (kind of him!), he supported two states and leaned much more to the Palestinian cause than Israel’s.

He was a friend of Arafat and Abbas. If his views had been implemented, God’s wrath would have fallen on Israel. He was a true Universalist, believing that all people were equal with and before God. That sounds good, but it’s not the Bible. God has called specific people and nations for specific things.

Mandela’s view on Israel would have handed the land to the Palestinians and Islam on a platter.

Final thoughts:

The entire plot is portrayed in the scriptures and that is exactly as it will transpire. We don’t know the small details, but we know the big picture.

I used this verse higher up, but it so important and so relevant I must end with it. If you haven’t read it please do so. If you have please do so again:

You see Israel; you actually can’t do what you want. God’s will for you will come about. It can come about the easy way or the hard way, but it will come about!

Isaiah 14:24-27 “The Lord of hosts has sworn saying, surely I have thought, so it shall come to pass, as I have purposed so shall it stand…This is the purpose that is purposed against the whole earth and this is the hand that is stretched out over all nations. For the Lord of hosts has purposes and who will annul it? His hand is stretched out and who will turn it back?”


3. Kari - March 25, 2015

While I know most think Gog is Russia, Dr Daniel R Streett looks at the greek of Amos 7:1 Gog the Grasshopper

The LXX, however, reads: οὕτως ἔδειξέν μοι κύριος καὶ ἰδοὺ ἐπιγονὴ ἀκρίδων ἐρχομένη ἑωθινή καὶ ἰδοὺ βροῦχος εἷς Γωγ ὁ βασιλεύς.

In English: “Thus the Lord showed me, and behold, a swarm of locusts coming early, and behold, one locust, Gog, the king.” It’s possible that the translator has seen in Amos 7:1 a link to Joel’s locust army, which comes from the north (Joel 2:20), and has thus linked it to Ezekiel’s Gog, which also comes from the north (Ezek 38:15).

So this could all circle back to Gog/Apollyon coming up out of the pit, aka CERN, perhaps? That would be right around the corner. Seems like they hit a snag in their plans and are fixing the LHC and it could take a few days to a month to get it up and running. (I’d guess April 4-10 Passover.)

Here’s his blog post concerning Agog/Gog


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