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Any Time Now …. October 28, 2014

Posted by stevekerp in Discipleship.

I’m not going back to BlogTalkRadio quite yet, but will put audio files here for the short term.

Maybe tomorrow … no promises.

There’s a lot going on in the world and the pace of mischief seems to be accelerating. How soon we “hit the wall” (or “go over the edge”) is, of course, anybody’s guess. But the Shmittah Time-clock strongly suggests (and I am NOT setting a date, Rexella!) that this may be our last lap. I’m just sayin’ ….

I don’t want the audio programs in the future to be as eschatological as in the past, for a few reasons. But I still have an “inner eschatologist” and, let’s face it: if there is anyone out there who claims to be a Christian and claims to have a Biblical world view and is NOT excited about the very real possibility that these are the “last days” that Jesus and the prophets told us about, then I would strongly suggest those “claims” are not grounded in reality.

My hope, and I’ve said this many times (“Amen” from the long-time listeners) is that I don’t want to be just another contributor to the over-informationizing of the American Christian subculture. Folks, we KNOW this stuff. We know what a disciple is and how a disciple is supposed to live. We know our God is awesome! He’s not some dinky little deity wannabe who needs to be placated by King James-style prayers and weekly liturgical ceremonies. He is WORTHY (not yelling, just passionate!) and He deserves our praise and our worship. In fact, He deserves a level of praise and worship that we are unable to provide. I don’t want my efforts to simply be another flavor of Christian entertainment or background noise.

What I DO want is to help any who need encouragement to keep their joy and their perspective. It could get a little bumpy for the next few months, and we need to remind each other that this is temporary, and that we can lay up for ourselves treasures in heaven, as Jesus directed us to do. I believe one source of His joy will be to lavishly — lavishly — reward those who are taking discipleship seriously. By “discipleship” I mean simply living under the discipline of Christ in order to be conformed to Him (for clarity, review Romans 8:29 and Ephesians 4:15). Again, nothing new here; we all KNOW this stuff.

America is post-Christian. The moral consensus of the culture is no longer Biblical. Voting won’t make a difference. But Jesus Christ, the ONLY One ever found worthy, can be glorified in YOU.

I’m rambling so I will stop for now. Suffice to say, God is not bemoaning the collapse of America; rather, He is rejoicing that He is bringing sons and daughters to maturity. Jesus will have the bride He deserves. His bride will be beautiful, without spot or wrinkle or any such thing, and I believe He’s more excited about that than we are.

Let’s help each other get ready!



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