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Cute Children and Adorable Pets May 5, 2013

Posted by stevekerp in Current Events, Marriage and Family.

OK – the subject line is a bit deceptive, since what follows says nothing about pets, (though it has plenty to do with cute children). But “America’s Soon and Certain Destruction” would, for many who need to read this, simply motivate them instead to hit the ‘delete’ key. If you are interested in the future … YOUR future …. please read on:

Just in case you are wondering why some are insisting that America is heading for fierce national judgment and why that judgment is now unavoidable, here is the answer:

Inhuman: Undercover in America’s Late-Term Abortion Industry – Arizona

It’s an 8-minute youtube video. Got 8 minutes?? Or are you “too busy”?

Jesus Himself told us to remember the days of Lot, and especially Lot’s wife. Lot was just one man — the only righteous man in Sodom. He was held in contempt by his family and his fellow citizens. His sons-in-law laughed at him when he insisted that judgment was imminent. He could not do anything about the wickedness of his culture, but he at least had the decency to grieve about what he saw. It was his grieving — not futile attempts at political action or cultural correction (and there is no evidence of either) — that caused God to see Lot as righteous (2 Peter 2:7-8 if you want to look it up).

Lot’s wife could have been saved, had she just obeyed her husband. How many “Christian” wives out there think Ephesians 5:22-24 doesn’t apply to them?

Here in America, we are MURDERING CHILDREN and most folks, even those who call themselves Christians, are apparently unconcerned. “It’s the law. I can’t do anything about it.” That’s true; so what? You can SAY something about it. You can certainly pray about it, pray that God might send revival to your city and perhaps spare at least some in your community. Or you can shrug it off, go back to your favorite TV program … and ignore the silent screams of 50 million innocent children who have been slaughtered mercilessly in this country while we looked the other way, went to our Sunday morning church services, and trudged off to our jobs.

God is just, and HIS … JUSTICE … WILL … NOT … SLEEP … FOREVER! And I daresay the screams of those children will be matched by the screams of the callous and indifferent when God judges this land. On that day, there will be no more “business as usual” – no more careers and dinners out and “Dancing With The Stars” while God is placated for an hour on Sundays and most family altars lie in ruins.

Do you care enough to grieve? Do you care enough to cry out? Do you care enough to repent?



1. stevekerp - May 5, 2013

ECLIPSE OF REASON – Live Abortion Documentary / Pro-Life Anti-Abortion Video

Introduced by Charlton Heston, who urges the news media to use the film Eclipse of Reason to promote a better informed public. This film produced by Bernard N. Nathanson, M.D. documents the intra-uterine life of a little boy at 5 months of age as seen through a camera placed inside the pregnant uterus. Riveting images of a late abortion are then shown with a camera both inside and outside the uterus.
Consistently verifiable statistics emphasize that this horror takes place 400 times a day in the US alone.
In addition, there are deeply moving interviews with the other victims of abortion, women who have been irreparably injured by abortion, physically and psychologically.


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