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Think Biblically: The President is not Elected October 18, 2012

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Daniel chapter 5 is still in the Bible, and we should take the message to heart.  God Himself appoints — appoints — those in positions of political leadership (see also Romans 13).   Your “vote” should best be viewed as an appeal to God for the leadership we need and that you think a candidate will provide.   But there will be no “vote” that will override God’s sovereign will in the matter.   Nebuchadnezzar was reduced to the level of a bovine dolt and it took him seven years to finally get it right.   We’re already four years into this.  Do we really want another three?

God appointed Obama as President as a judgment against American arrogance, and his inauguration should have also inaugurated four years of passionate repentance.   Has it?   We still have lots of Christians who seem to think the proper response is a “get out the vote” campaign.   (We have many Christian “leaders” and “ministries” doing the same.)   Truly, we have become as stupid as cows, and if we think we can avoid God’s judgment by “voting against it” we are truly over-ripe for judgment.   Obama may be better than we deserve, since many of the consequences we anticipate from his policies have not yet been implemented.   But there is nothing in God’s “job description” that requires Him to give us any mercy at all, and if we get justice next time (He is only precluded from injustice), we have no standing to complain.   And, I daresay, we will have lots of “Christian” leaders blaming non-voters and 3rd party voters.   Go to the head of the herd.

Let’s have no more squabbling about it.   Asserting that 3rd party votes are or are not “wasted” misses the point completely.   We have a blessed hope of deliverance but in the meantime, we have a critical mission to accomplish.   Let’s, for starters, quit grazing in the grass and acknowledge what Nebuchadnezzar finally did, that:

“…the Most High God rules in the kingdom of men, and appoints over it whomever He chooses.”

Belshazzar never figured this out, and it cost him his life!

I repent for my previous participation in this distraction and hope you will forgive me.   Now: let’s BE the Bride of Christ.



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