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God is a Mathematician September 30, 2012

Posted by stevekerp in Uncategorized.

Many of us have been at this for a long time. We look at all the evidence we can gather from every possible angle, and see the designs and patterns that are built into prophetic scripture.

Based on that, and on a belief that God designed all this with precision and purpose, we “crunch the numbers” and make reasonable projections on when certain prophesied events could take place.

Thus far, we don’t seem to be doing so hot.

But before we surrender or lose hope, I’d like to suggest that many, perhaps even MOST of our projections and calculations may have been correct. We have found a solution, but it may be a correct answer among several.

If God is a mathematician, which I believe He is, then He is certainly not limited to the level of mathematics that we can understand. Here’s an example that came to mind:

Suppose I tell you that X2 – X = 6. If you tell me that 3 is a correct answer, you are right. If you tell me that 3 is the ONLY correct answer, you would be wrong.

I might be able to give this problem to a second grader, and he could start plugging in numbers and he might come to 3 and realize that it works. However, quadratic equations and their solution are far beyond the comprehension of most second graders, as is the concept of negative numbers (Note: -2 is the other correct answer).

God is way, way beyond us, and He could be using prophetic “equations” that are magnitudes beyond what we could solve or even grasp. So while our solutions may be “correct” in that they fit the pattern and explain all the data, they are not THE correct answer among the many correct solutions. So we press on.

I’m writing this to encourage those who have seen dates come and go and may be losing hope. Remember PLEASE – none of this stuff comes up at the Bema seat. Our passion for the return of the King is proper and good if it motivates us toward personal holiness.

We always have a window or two in the future. Next is a week out, and following that will probably be December. He is coming at a time when most of the people on this planet will not be expecting Him.

Press on to perfection. Your life matters to Him, and your reward will be great.



1. Sandy L. - October 1, 2012

Steve, thanks for the encouragement and truth…. HE is indeed coming for us and oh how that fact encourages me every day; sometimes every hour.
God Bless,


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