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The Prayer of Resignation September 2, 2011

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I actively encourage my readers and listeners to contact me for prayer support. A recent email along those lines generated a lot of response. One of the prevalent themes was either unsaved loved ones, or presumably Christian friends/family members who are unaware of or unconcerned about the obvious lateness of the hour. “No one can know the day or the hour” ends any discussion of prophecy, and unless the urgency of the Second Coming is communicated by the church leader (which it usually is not), the issue is of no concern.

It’s a painful type of rejection, and many know it first-hand. My mail bears testimony, and experience suggests that many who are experiencing this particular frustration did not ask for prayer for it. Perhaps that’s why the Lord prompted me to post these thoughts.

I’m there myself. I became a last-days “activist” (for want of a better term) maybe three or four years ago (maybe longer; time escapes me) but my online publishing of “The Final Fulfillment of Pentecost” really became a watershed in our family. In the past two years, I have tried a LOT of approaches that have not worked. I don’t think there is anybody in my immediate family who listens to the program or visits the Homework page.

There comes a time for Godly resignation. The believers and prophets in the early New Testament reached that point with the Apostle Paul, recorded in Acts 21:14. The prophetic message was clear, but hard-headed Paul had made up his mind and would not be dissuaded. Period. So with resignation:

… we ceased, saying, “The will of the Lord be done.”

I am at that point. Perhaps some of you are, too. You should not feel guilty because you can’t get through or because these people about whom you care so much don’t get it. Donna Partow spoke to that in her discussion of what she calls “prophetic prayer,” which she defines as: “The art of listening intently to the Father’s heart then accurately and boldly proclaiming God’s good, perfect and pleasing will for a given situation.”

She continues:

When we use the word “prophesy” in this sense, we are not talking about predicting the future. Rather, we are proclaiming God’s highest and best future plan. Then it is completely up to the person being prayed for whether or not they choose to get into alignment with God’s plan.

To which I would add:

And may the will of the Lord be done.

It’s clear from scripture that none of us is supposed to be “in the dark” regarding the coming of the Lord. We are responsible for being obedient watchmen, but we are NOT responsible for results. The light is there. Some folks prefer darkness.



1. Abigail - September 2, 2011

Thank you for your contribution to our lives, Steve. I am sure many of us have been blessed by your faithful posting of articles that cause us to draw closer to our Lord as His coming draws closer to us.

I have a loving family and they truly ascribe to the ‘can’t know the time or day’….and I have stopped talking, unless there is a clear opening and now I simply pray with great fervency that the Lord will open their eyes.

It is a precious aloneness, if that is a word, where in drawing near to the Father in that loneliness, He becomes our all in all. The vacant looks in the eyes of believers as I speak of such things has less and less of an emotional effect,although the sadness is there at some level. God has become my healer. The frustration of crying in the wilderness is losing it’s power over me as He becomes more and more real. I keep saying that the time is near and then move on.

As the Word says, we keep on keeping on. Thanks again for the forum and for your articles. They are a huge part of the balm that the Lord has provided for end-time watchers in a world of those without ears to hear.

God bless you and yours.


2. Sarah Beveridge - September 13, 2011

Hi Steve,

Its funny I just figured out after all this time that I can follow a WordPress blog on my Blogger dashboard! LOL

I just wanted to add to this that I am dealing with this issue also, it is of course blindness, doubt and unbelief. This type of thing takes spiritual warfare. These have helped me and people I know are now waking up.

Here is a primer:
1- Bind the spirits of fear, doubt, unbelief, oppression, depression and break the works of these spirits off the people and their homes. Command them in Jesus name of course. Loose the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit to minister the truth to their spirit.

2- Pray for dreams, visions and a manifestation of revelation knowledge to the people.

3- Pray that wherever these people go they are constantly confronted with the truth of the times and that heavy conviction of the Holy Spirit would come upon them to seek the Lord and to repent of their sins.

These are just some examples of how to pray. You WILL see results start to happen.

In Christ, Sarah B.


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