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The Election Distraction July 23, 2011

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We didn’t vote ourselves into this mess, and it’s certain we cannot vote ourselves out of it. Political philosophies grow from theological roots, and the problem now is not simply the policies of the current regime, but rather the army of people within the body politic whose personal beliefs are consistent with the beliefs of those in power.

In other words, the American body politic has rejected those ideas and ideals that made America great, and have embraced socialism, Marxism, elitism and Darwinism in their stead. Most of the people you know – folks you work with, go to church with, meet at the market or deal with in business, are okay with fiat money, evolutionism, the income tax, and the imperial presidency. Obama, or someone even worse, could win in a fair election.

We are under judgment. “Survival of the fittest” has no problem with discarding unwanted children, and Americans have “voted for” this abhorrent practice 52 million times, the 5th Amendment notwithstanding. Will not the Judge of all the earth do right? The unique life-affirming and prosperity-affirming principles of Americanism have been abandoned. The experiment in civil liberty under God and by law is dead, and we have killed it.

In addition to the political, cultural and financial debacles we now face, we also are on the threshold of unprecedented environmental disasters. The massive earthquakes in Haiti, Chile, New Zealand and Japan; the massive flooding that has destroyed much of the grain crop in our land; the recent spate of killer tornadoes; and the blistering heat wave and droughts we are currently enduring are just a foretaste of what is coming. Does anyone really believe that if we just “vote the right guys in” we can recover and avoid subsequent judgments?

There will be regime change, but it isn’t at all what most people think. There is already a one-world government: Jesus Christ said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.” The noxious elements of the New World Order are pretenders to a throne that is already occupied. The Lord will hold them in derision.

Repent. Get your spiritual house in order. Turn off the noise and take out the trash. Jesus Christ is coming soon, and His reward is with Him. Turn and seek the Lord. Don’t think that any social movement or political party can save you. If you are more conversant with the popular culture than you are with the Bible, your priorities are fatally inverted. If you think Jesus came to start a new religion, or that all He expects is an ethical life and your attendance at a weekly maintenance meeting, you are LOST IN YOUR SINS.

Why would you die? REPENT – turn from your self-righteousness and your wicked ways. Don’t content yourself with being a 21st century Pharisee.

Don’t be deceived or misled by the election distraction. If you still don’t get it, send me some email.



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