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This Just In: “I’m Not Giving Up Yet” November 9, 2010

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Tom Bigbee is a friend of mine. After today’s program, I got this from him in my email:

Because the Rapture did not occur on or before November 8th, a major cut off date (for the moon sighted calendar), then just maybe the 70th week of Daniel will actually end on the first day of Chag HaSukkot (Festival of Tabernacles) since this is the feast that represents the Millennium , the Sabbath rest of God’s 7000 year week.

There are some who are ready to dump 2010 and start the annual march around the calendar to start looking at Resurrection Day (Firstfruits), Shavuot (Pentecost), and Yom Teruah (Trumpets) in 2011, but I don’t think it’s time yet. This thinking also represents the idea that the Rapture will happen on a feast day, something I am not convinced of. Jesus ascended on a day not hinted at by any observed day so our ascension could also be any day.

However, I am convinced that the three fall feasts do mark the exact days of some year for Messiah’s coming and the end of the age, and this is why I think we can count backwards from these dates to find make-it-or-break-it days, keeping in mind that the Rapture could happen before the cut off dates AND that we can’t be absolutely sure about our calendars.

There are still valid reasons to think we should still be in high watch. There are more evidences for the second coming happening in 2017 than any time before – way more! So to give up now I think is premature.

Yes, it still seems accurate that Jesus will fulfill Zechariah 14 on Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement), but MAYBE the Great Tribulation, the last half (3.5 years), won’t really conclude until the first day of Sukkot, Tishrei 15, on October 5th, 2017!

If so, then 2520 days earlier is November 11, 2010 based on the Hillel calendar. Also, the reason I am indicating that the 8th was a cut off day is that I think the sighted moon calendar is possibly the real calendar, so likewise, November 13th, 2017 is the cut off day based on that calendar.

Another possibility is that the END of Sukkot will be the end of the Tribulation so we would have to add 6 more days – and 2 more days onto that for the moon sighted calendar. Or add 7 (and 9) more days if it’s the end of Sukkot, the beginning of Shimini Atzeret.

Summary of watch days:

11-11-2010 Hillel calendar cut off if Sukkot 1

11-13-2010 Moon calendar cut off if Sukkot 1

11-17-2010 Hillel calendar cut off if Sukkot 7

11-19-2010 Moon calendar cut off if Sukkot 7

11-18-2010 Hillel calendar cut off if Shimini Atzeret

11-20-2010 Moon calendar cut off if Shimini Atzeret

After the 20th I see a dramatic drop off for discernable possibilities for 2010 and will go back to the drawing board.

You can’t keep an eternal optimist down for too long!

We shall see, of course – but this bit of optimism (and hopefully realism) is an appropriate comment as we approach the ides of November, especially after passing through another window of “certainty” regarding our departure.

Tom said he also posted this to the Five Doves. Tom’s site is: http://www.binarybees.biz



1. Jeane - November 9, 2010

I believe you are absolutely “right on” with 11/11/10 = 11111 – a power day. The signs ALL around us appear to state so. Earlier today I listed a web site on Cindy by the Sea that I believe explains what we can expect. I am a “long time” watcher and the “word” at that site encompasses dreams and events that I have believed for years may well be true.

Spaceweather.com – sending messages again. Today they have a picture that is supposed to be one thing – when in actuality it is a picture of an atomic cloud.

Commercials – The Mountain Dew commercial where two people tear open their shirts and display a “tatooed” Phoenix. Then a woman appearing with a “hawk” like face (Horus) comes in and squeaks – and the glasses the two are holding break. Two strikes – glass shattering – the day of broken glass – right before the Holocaust of the Jews.
Two strikes – three devastating results.

There are MANY MANY signs of His coming – to include His Spirit is bearing witness to those that love Him.

Cable is sending out many sublimal messages to tune in minds to follow the Antichrist who will soon be revealed. Emergency Network Alerts have “reved up the decimal system” and are sending out trial signals at the “11th hour” of night getting ready to tune all ears to their signals.

If you’re watching – the signs abound. I believe He has already “marked” many with the seal of the Most High God this past week-end.

Love to you in the Lord – time to be in His presence – and to move when told to – if that’s the message you are hearing.


2. Rudy Wallace - November 9, 2010

Hey Steve:

Well the dates for the rapture are all over the place and the dates are failing. “Pre Trib” Christians are becoming discouraged and other christians are looking at us and saying, “we told you so.” But the rapture is still on, I believe. And the Word says it will occur at a time when “we think not.” When we least expect it? When we think maybe we have been wrong in our belief concerning the rapture? When we have given up looking? Perhaps.

But looking at the end times, there are many things that we do know and things that have already arrived according to prophecy. For example:

1. MAJOR: Israel is now a nation among the nations of the world.
2. MAJOR: Jerusalem is now back in control of the Jews.
3. The new world order with a one world currency is in the talking stages.
4. As it was in the days of Noah and Lot are the days we live in. Population increase, rampant sexual perversion, transgenetics and
genetic alterations are now possible and hybrid human forms like the Nephilim produced in the early years of creation can now be
developed. And gay relationships and gay marriage are now in the open and laws are being made to protect them.
5. Knowledge has increased and man runs to and fro. We have been to the moon and can travel across this country in a matter of
hours and the CERN large Hadron collider is on the verge of revealing the burst of light like that at the time of creation that the
secular world refers to as the “big bang.” This may open a lot of gates and doors to other dimensions releasing evil beings like we
have never witnessed.
6. People today will not endure sound doctrine.
7. People today are heady, highminded, lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God.
8. False prophets are all over the place. Prosperity pimp preachers and preachers preaching a touchy feely non-judgemental gospel
and telling their flocks that all paths lead to heaven.
9. We are having earthquakes in divers places.
10.Christian persecution and the mocking of anything christian or moral.

So Steve, though we are missing the dates for the rapture, due to the above events we can still know that we are close, even at the door. But it will be at a time when we “think not.”

The players are lined up ready to play their parts. The next big event I look for is the Psalms 83 war. That could be in just a few days/weeks.

Keep looking up.

Rudy Wallace


3. Peta Slaney - November 9, 2010

I don’t think anything will happen for the Church, the body of Christ, on a Jewish feast day.
We could go any time…..any time at all…..that is why Jesus said we should always be ready because He comes at a time last expected!


4. gramma - November 10, 2010

…i agree that the rapture will not fall on a feast day….the rapture is when the full number have come in…that should not effect the known days of the tribulation. Someone has said that we can guess what day we want, but that no man may take credit for it! Time is short…praise God.


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