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Overwhelmed October 15, 2010

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Bless your hearts! Those who prayed and those who responded. I only really needed (I thought) about 85 bucks, but apparently the Lord thought we could use a little extra help. But your generosity in our behalf is greatly appreciated. Thank you! Thank you!!

There was a (brief) program today. We got up early, visited Mom briefly, then headed north to Virginia for a wedding and a weekend catching up. As you know, my “other life” runs 4 PM to midnight; Vicky’s from 7 AM to 3:50 PM. So our overlap is ten minutes of actual face time, and two phone calls during my breaks at work. Ongoing prayer on our behalf greatly appreciated.

Mom had a Doppler test yesterday and the blood clot problem in her legs seems to have resolved. However, her grip on reality has slipped somewhat; I’ll spare the details.

Back in town Sunday evening, Lord willing. Monday is the 18th, and if you’ve done your homework you know what we might expect. I did not get a confirmation so I’m still looking more toward Shmini Atzeret, which will be October 29th. But I’ve been wrong before. The point is, we’re VERY close to the end so let’s go out triumphantly.

P.S. Some have suggested that Ariel Sharon is the modern counterpart to Methuselah. His transport from Sheba Medical Center to his ranch has been disavowed (article dated September 24th), but there is no compelling reason to believe that a change in his medical condition will be a sign of anything. I expect to do a program on Monday, October 18th … but no guarantees and no promises after that. Hope to see you all very, very soon.



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