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Feelin’ In My Bones? July 25, 2010

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I’ve been here before, so I don’t know why this is getting so difficult. I just can’t put words on paper, so to speak. (“Paper” – how quaint!)

But you know what I mean, I would hope. My ears are yearning to hear that trumpet blast; the voice of the archangel. “Behold! The Bridegroom cometh!” (that is, if archangels speak antiquated English).

The bills are more-or-less paid. The house is more-or-less clean and it’s a hot but lazy Sunday afternoon. As I write, it has been “officially” the 15th of Av for about an hour in Jerusalem, though I thought the official beginning was at sunset. Oh, well … that doesn’t seem to speed things up anyway.

So I’m puttering a bit with my web page, praying somewhat casually, and playing with Clyde, my cockatiel. For the rest of my family, it’s just another Sunday afternoon and the threshold of another week that will probably be indistinguishable (they now think) from almost every other week we’ve endured during this hot summer.

The moon will be “officially” full in just over 3 1/2 hours. I keep checking. Shouldn’t we expect Him at midnight? If that’s Jerusalem time, it’s gonna be another 23 hours.

I can’t stand it.

Got a note from Robert who noted that this is supposed to be like in the days of Noah when they were eating, drinking and giving in marriage. Isn’t Tu B’Av a really popular day for folks to get married? He thinks so, and points out that wedding receptions commonly involve lots of eating and drinking.

The moon will be full in 3 hours and 25 minutes.

I emailed out a link to the song “Abba, Father” which I think has particularly appropriate lyrics. I’ve littered songs like Easter eggs through the Homework page; not too hard to find.

I find it hard to imagine a day with more pointers that this one. EVERYTHING about the 15th of Av seems to line up. If we’re still here in 22 hours and 45 minutes, I will probably have a hard time getting excited about any other day. Even Trumpets seems a less-likely candidate.

But we will persevere. For some reason — perhaps just premature resignation — I’m expecting to do a program tomorrow. I have a couple people who want me to design web sites for them and, of course, the ongoing commitments to my loving mother-in-law and the somewhat odious demands of my “other life.”

But I’m certainly not complaining. The only problem with the other life is that I can’t leverage my efforts toward the kingdom. My employer wants MONEY … not any discussion of politics or religion, if you please. And since our Babylonian system sees Jesus as an intrusion to their pursuit of their REAL “god” …. well, we’ve all lived in Babylon long enough to know the last lines of that verse.

Ultraguy’s on this Four Horsemen thing (I think). The dead in Christ will rise first, and some think this will be accompanied by a great earthquake, or perhaps several. So batten down the hatches — just in case — and keep watching. In any event, we’re one day closer.

P.S. I’ve kinda got that Feelin’ In My Bones (lyrics here) and just got a copy of the “Crawford Perspectives” newsletter (thanks, Tom) that extrapolates current signs to an “ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE” series of events beginning at 1:04 PM Eastern time TODAY. So a 1:05 rapture event should work out nicely. Hope to see you then.



1. mary brody - July 25, 2010

i hope neither of us will be here for you to get this e-mail …. but if so … i will keep watching

God Bless You!!!


2. Amanda - July 26, 2010

I wake up everyday hoping that today will be the day, as I know many of us do. I go to bed at night thankful that someone else had the chance to get right!! There was a time not long ago that if the Lord would have come, I would still be here, probably lost forever. It cheers my heart to know one more will make it. I am also home sick, but I know I have my ticket home in hand and will be leaving soon 🙂 Thank you for all you do Steve. You have brought such comfort to our hearts, we learn everyday, and are encourged by your faith-full-ness. God Bless, and cant wait to meet you and all of the wonderful people you have introduced us to via your show!! We feel like your our everyday friends!


3. Ma - July 28, 2010

Sigh…life goes on for now, I guess. Keep up the good work Steve, I enjoy your updates out here in internet land.

I hear that the 1st (of August) is stirring some buzz;)


4. Dave Cottrell - August 4, 2010

Firstfruits, the dead in Christ arise. Take heed that no one deceive you, that day will not come…. at that time many will fall away from the faith and hate each other. Rebellion, not revival. As lighting flashes from the east to the west so shall he be announced. Let us examine the festivals and see how they line up with future events… 2012.. 2014.. who knows (one more link: http://home.flash.net/~evt/rapture.htm). Remember what you said the other day about God sending Elijah and Elisha to the heathen. (Muslim) terrorists are no threat to those who truly follow God. They are only a threat to the apostate and rebellious. God sends judgment to the apostate and backslidden for correction and salvation. Bro. Dave


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[…] last time I had this “Feelin’ in My Bones” was on July 25th. Everything seemed to be pointing toward a rapture event, but alas […]


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