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“Those Whom God Would Destroy …” June 8, 2010

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It’s been a chaotic day. I attempted to reschedule today’s program, due to some pressing and un-postponable events, but apparently BlogTalkRadio would have none of it. I got the illusion that, as has happened before, the broadcast time was being pushed back. Alas! it was not. So “show time” came and went and today’s program did not happen.

God’s purpose, no doubt. So I found what I think is an excellent substitute: Dr. Michael Brown and a recent “Line of Fire” broadcast. Dr. Brown is not onboard with the pre-trib rapture people, but is nonetheless an articulate and passionate Christian for whom I have a great deal of respect.

Speaking of the “not onboard” camp, I got an email from a listener who pointed out that Larry Wilson has also reached a post-trib rapture conclusion. I re-iterate what I have said before: I do not necessarily agree with or endorse everything presented by every author or guest who contributes his/her thoughts to the discussion. Do your own homework and reach your own conclusions. NONE of us is 100% correct; we grow and we do the best we can. I found his insights to be challenging and encouraging, so I passed them along. Being wrong about the rapture is not heresy; plenty of folks for whom Jesus died have reached different conclusions. To those who die before the rapture, it doesn’t matter. What matters is being ready.

The title of this post is more properly, “Those Whom God Wishes To Destroy …” and the conclusion is “He first makes angry.” It’s a quote from Euripides, who lived in the 5th century BC. I point it out in the context of today’s musical “extra” – a parody of “We Are The World” adapted by some creative Jews at Latma TV in Israel.

The contrast, to me, is stark. The Jews seem concerned but not angry or panicky. Ahmadinejad, the Turks … the UN … all in an angry dither.

I really think Psalm 83 is next on the agenda. If, as was discussed earlier, spring is when kings go to war, we may have less than a fortnight before the fireworks begin in earnest.

In all things, may Christ be glorified.



1. Rodney - June 10, 2010

I agree with you. I don’t think being wrong about the rapture is heresy. I love to hear other opinions and discussions about prophesy and the bible. It’s better than spending our time watching junk on TV or the internet. I also believe Israel is getting to the point , where they are going to have to depend totally on GOD and not the U.S., which is a good thing. I’m disgusted with all the Jew haters.


2. Paul - June 10, 2010

i enjoyed the Latma TV “We Con the World” video very much – seems to me to be a terrific way to help reach younger people who are more likely to give their attention to a humorous music video than read a good prophecy minded Christian blog/website


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