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Prophecy & Beyond News Review – Delayed May 31, 2010

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I just got a note from our friend Pete Fisher.  He had some storm damage and also the well went out (pump failure?) and this constraint on his time pushed back his Analysis of the News until tomorrow.  As you are aware, plenty has happened in the past week, and Pete has some resources that give good insight into what’s REALLY going on.

Thoughts on “BIBLE CODES” – unless we leave tonight, I’ve seen a mountain of additional evidence that the appearance of “Pentecost” in some equidistant letter sequence has no more prophetic import that the appearance of “Pentecost” in the dictionary.  Likewise gammatria (also “gematria”).

Links of possible interest from our brother Daniel:  Indonesia
Mud Volcano Still Spewing Sludge Four Years Later
and Hurricane
Winds Carried Ocean Salt & Plankton Far Inland
.  In view of the current situation in the Gulf, it’s not hard to imagine “a toxic aerosol can the size of a hurricane” as Daniel puts it.  There is still some time to repent.  Will we?

Finally – Obama/Federal Government and BP KNOW THIS STUFF:  Gulf Oil Spill – Gutsy Solution Restores Environment in Just Six Weeks.

All consequences are intended.



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