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“Well yeah, but …” May 29, 2010

Posted by stevekerp in Marriage and Family.

“Remembering Lot’s Wife” has ruffled a few feathers. My references to disobedient and non-supportive wives has done likewise. The usual rejoinder is, “Yes, I see your point, but the HUSBAND is supposed to …” and then a discussion of how many/most/all husbands don’t love and support their wives as Christ loves the church, suggesting that this deficiency in the husband somehow legitimizes a Jezebel spirit in the wife. “He doesn’t love me, so I am released from the command to submit to him.”

How well do you suppose that argument will play at the Judgment Seat of Christ?

A rebellious spirit is a rebellious spirit. ANY circumstance – ANY outside influence or condition – can be cited as a “reason” why rebelliousness, arrogance, self-sufficiency or un-teachableness is somehow “justified.” But the inner condition, rather than being repented of, is then simply reinforced. Using someone else’s sin to justify your own is not wise.

Wives, submit to your husbands as unto the Lord. Help us weak, marginalized and culturally assaulted men to become what God wants us to be. Help us learn to love you as Christ loves the church. Don’t be like Lot’s wife by abandoning us just when we need you the most.

Raleigh, North-Carolina
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1. Carla Roberts - May 30, 2010

In being married 33 years, it is prayer and seeking God that allows one to surrender to self and to be under the authority of a husband. The Lord has provided my husband as a covering for me and our family. Now that said, and me being an independent thinker and with a leader instincts we certainly have our passionate debates and disagreements but with both of us under the authority of God and Christ in our marriage then following the Lord’s template for authority requires obedience. It requires also the other commandments of loving one another. Corinthians gives the formula for love and the Holy Spirit guides my heart and “mouth” when the last thing I want to do is be under authority.. sigh…
One of the most wonderful examples of being a Proverbs 31 woman was an amazing Pastor’s wife whose example in being an under shepherd was pure testimony. She was humble and wise. I had to smile when in her Montreat home wall she has boldly displayed the “ticket” for how it all works.
It said “when Momma aint’ happy, nobody is happy.”
Congrats and well wishes for your continued blog..



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